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How Does Shared Website Hosting Operate?

If you are seeking a moderately priced website hosting service, the service for you is called hosting.

What Is Hosting?

Over the years, the need for hosting services has grown enormously, but customers also want reasonable prices. The service web hosting suppliers have conceived is called hosting. These hosting companies host plenty of customers on one and the same server, making certain that they do not intervene with each other by setting restrictions on the server resources each hosting account is permitted to resort to. This allows for both good performance and lower operational costs as compared with a dedicated server, which is utilized by only one client, and enables web hosting companies to offer low prices to their clients.

What can you do with a hosting account?

The hosting accounts traditionally offer different web site, e-mail and database administration features - a Control Panel, a File Manager interface, an FTP client, a phpMyAdmin tool, and normally webmail - to access your e-mailboxes. At , we provide all these tools at inexpensive prices. We offer both monthly and annual billing options and also provide a cheap domain registration with each of our shared hosting plans. You can also manage everything from one and the same place with us - our intuitive web hosting CP includes all the features you need to administer your files, Domain Name System resource records, register and renew more domain names, set up electronic mail accounts and mailbox aliases, enable e-mail forwarding and auto-configure your email software client. How many domains you can accommodate in your shared hosting account is dependent on the website hosting plan you have, but monthly bandwidth and web hosting server hard disk storage space are unlimited - you are only limited in terms of the CPU usage and the amount of hosted domains.


Aside from all the usual features, it is extremely essential when the hosting company makes sure that your content is defended. That is why the availability of automated backups is mandatory and you should make certain in advance if the hosting supplier of your preference is offering such. We perform daily backups and retains backups for the past 7 days. The backup includes your website files and databases and to have it restored, you need to contact our tech support staff. They respond in less than one hour, so if you erased those files haphazardly - do not be scared, there's still hope!